Search Engine Optimization
SEO Marketing is your single, long-term source for high-performance search engine based internet marketing solutions designed to drive customers to your business.

Our Primary focus is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management; and using these tools to bring value, ROI and profits to our clients. We specialize in Campaign Design & Management of PPC Campaigns With Google, Bing, Yahoo , & Dmoz


Companies of all types and sizes are successfully using search engine marketing to drive sales, increase profits, and improve their overall marketing ROI. Specifically, they use search engine marketing to:

  • Reduce overall marketing costs
  • Acquire more customers
  • Sell more products/services online
  • Qualify leads and prospects
  • Increase market awareness
  • Support efforts to build a leading brand
  • Increase memberships or registrations
  • Encourage people to register for an event
  • Drive store or telephone sales
  • Help people find a local store, dealer or reseller
  • Allow people to download information or software
  • Provide a way to request a product sample
  • Help people conduct research or retrieve information
Are you challenged by Pay Per Click Advertising and Search Engine Marketing? Do any of these problems sound familiar?
  • Paying too much per click, and worried about low ROI

  • Can’t seem to get the Ad Campaigns to perform at anticipated levels

  • Confused by the regional, worldwide, country specific options

  • Keywords disabled, editorial issues, etc.

  • Not sure what is the proper landing page and why this is CRITICAL to success

  • Not getting enough sales or conversions from your campaigns

  • Trouble getting your ads performing at high click thru rates

  • Concerned about paying too much for your traffic

  • Trouble generating large keyword lists over 1500-3000+ keywords: You MUST do this!

  •  Frustrated by the time consuming learning curve and skill sets required

These are very common problems for most businesses that don't have the technical expertise to run properly managed, high performing PPC campaigns. The skill sets required are quite complex and advanced. Not making the most of this very powerful advertising tool that delivers great return on investment could be a major business oversight. Even if you don't sell as product online; this marketing medium can drive great response to your off line business.

Our Services we supply

  • Keyword list generation: 500-5000+ keyword list generation capabilities

  • Initial campaign creation and set up

  • Conversion tracking

  • Ad Split testing to improve performance

  • Ongoing management of campaigns

  • Local search, country specific, regional search, world wide search, contextual & search driven campaigns.

  • Landing page consulting/design

  • Conversion consulting best practices

  • Results focused best practices

  • Campaign optimization best practices

  • Extensive experience with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Dmoz, & Aol

  • Training of your marketing  or technical staff

PPC Bid Management - We will optimize your bids on keywords and monitoring those bids. This can be very time consuming and distracting for most businesses. We handle this difficult task for you so you can focus on building your business and servicing your customers.

Keyword Development - We will work with you to select the keyword phrases that will deliver the best results and most targeted traffic to your Web site. We can generate list of over 5000 keywords. Most companies stop at 20-25 keywords and this is why they fail. Having an exhaustive keyword list allows you to out perform your competition by substantially increasing your websites traffic, sales and profits.

Search Engine Ad Copywriting - We're experts on various Pay Per Search sites such as MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, Google, and Overture. We know all their requirements and constraints, which are all different and fairly complex. To optimize your advertising efforts, we customize your keyword advertising text to maximize its marketing impact. Writing  effective ads is part art and part science. We will do A/B split testing to increase your ads effectiveness and create the best performing ads possible.

Reporting - We regularly provide you with detailed reporting on each of your keywords and campaigns, the sites where you're listed, the traffic each source is delivering, and the return on your investment. Having good reporting is key to measuring and maximizing your ROI.

Web Site Surveys -  We can customize a solution for your requirements. Get on the pulse of your customers and prospects quickly with online surveys.

Conversion Consulting: We can optimize your website for maximum commerce.


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