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1. What is a Hit?

technically a hit occurs when a file is loaded from a web server. Several hits will occur when a web page is loaded – e.g. one hit for each image on the page and one hit for the page itself. In common usage, however, people are referring to visits when they use the term hit.

2. What is a Visit ?
3. What is a Impression?
4. What is CPM?
5. What is CPC?
6. What is Unique Traffic ?
7. What are text banners?
8. How much does it cost to advertise with BuyCheapAdvertising.com?
9. What is Pop-under?
10. Why should I choose BuyCheapAdvertising.com over other services??
11. How does your program send visitors to my website?
12. Where do all the visitors come from?
13. Is there a danger of getting accused of Spamming?
14. Do you guarantee that I will make more sales?
15. What will help make my page more effective?
16. How do I know the traffic I paid for has been delivered?
17. What are your payment options and conditions?
18. What is your refund policy?
19. I'm ready to become a advertiser!


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