Advertising with popunders
Pop-Unders are still highly effective, even with all the PopUp blockers out on the market.

We still delivery 5-7 million unique visitors pop-unders per day successfully as of (10-02-2010)

How does it work? When a visitor accesses a site on our network, a new browser window is opened behind their main browser window. While the visitor browses the site they accessed, your web site is loaded in the new window. When the visitor closes their main browser window, or calls focus to the new window, your web site will appear.

You can have the Pop-Under point at your main website or a custom html page, you decide.

Notice: The popped site may not contain any additional popup, pop-under, or exit windows. No other windows may be spawned at any time from the popped site. In addition, you may not call focus to the popped window. It will be up to the visitor to call focus to the window either by clicking on it on their task bar or closing the window(s) in front of it.

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