Interstitials Popunder Ads
We have launched a new ad type for our Advertisers - Full Page Interstitial.

What are they? Basically, interstitial ads are full page advertisements that display between the entry and destination ages of a publisher site.

Why use them? The major benefit of this type of campaigns is the high conversion rates, since visitors are guaranteed to look at the advertisement for a minimum of 5 seconds before they skip ad button will display and visitors will choose to proceed on the ads or the destination page.

Also great for advertisers looking to run ads with sounds and videos, Full page Interstitial ad is now the only ad format allowing background sound and music. " Therefore, Full Page interstitial ads will extend your line of products and help you to attract visitor's attention even more effectively.

How much do they cost? The best of these Full Page Interstitial ads is that they cost the same as Full page Popunder ad format; this price is much cheaper than the market price for this type of advertisement at an average of $5.00 CPM.

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